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And we reach the seventh edition of TEDx Tîrgu Mureș. We could be brooding about the old events, but you don't want to read that. You want us to bring you the unchained future, to show you the mavericks, the untamable minds, the creative thinkers, those who know how to shatter your world into pieces.

After last year's event, I was prepared for criticism. I would have been happy even with a few words of unreasonable condemnation, but none came. From this, I know that I have failed you.

I have learned something important from video games: when you encounter no enemies, it means that you are not on the right path. I was astray, because the event in 2018 didn't brush any fathers, didn't make people angry or defensive. People seemingly enjoyed it. This state of jollity has to end. I want to offend you. I want this event to explode into your face, and drag you out from your comfort zone into a battlefield of creative ideas.

How can I achieve this? This year I will present you twelve creative people, whose knowledge is undeniable. They are beyond creative. The will make you hate the world you live in, and force you to make a difference. They will give you a great burden: You need to assemble the pieces into something whole. Create something extraordinary from the shards of creative knowledge!

Péter W. Szabó,
TEDx Curator


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The Team

Meet the passionate people, who are behind this event.

Péter W. Szabó

Curator & TEDx Licensee

Peter is a passionate user experience researcher, frequent conference speaker, and best-selling author. Peter has over eleven years of success in UX, having worked as external UX consultant, researcher, and designer for big brands, such as Amazon, Tesco, Virgin Atlantic, HSBC or British Gas. He was also leading the UX team at the world’s biggest online gambling company The Stars Group Inc. Currently he is leading the UX/UI department at 3SS. Oh, and before we forget, he loves cats!

Blanka A. Szőcs

Project Manager

I`m a daydreamer, who loves creative ways of showing the world that creative community building is fun. I could travel and explore other cultures as a second job, but fishing and orange boots give me the possibility to relax a bit. Herbology, natural remedies and sustainable living are interesting topics, and of course interesting projects.

Tímea Deák

Speaker Manager

My name is Deák Tímea, and as a first year Communications & PR student, it was a great opportunity for me to be part of the the small group that organizes TEDx Târgu Mureș. I’ve already learned a lot, gained practical experience and met some wonderful people. I’m a very talkative person, and I really like to meet new people, so I’m glad for this opportunity.

Ovidiu Oltean

Event Host

European public speaking award winner 3 times, 14 times national public speaking winner is our event host for 3 years now. The enthusiasm and the excitement are the key values that can lead an extraordinary event and he is conscious about that. His hometown is Tirgu-Mures but he is well known all over Romania, and abroad as well. For sure, he can make You a damn good speaker whenever and wherever!

Sándor Bereczky

Event Photographer

Hi, I’m Bereczky Sándor, the person behind the lens. I’m a professional photographer, I have been shooting events since 2010, of wich the biggest ones are Electric Castle, Awake Festival, and last but not least the European Triathlon Championship. I have studied Multimedia in college, and graduated in 2016. In the same year, I took part in the Tedx Targu-Mures team for the first time. Looking forward to new challenges!

László Erőss

Film & Lights

I`m the young&restless with the cameras who helps you relive the most important and special moments in your life, rolling the cameras for 10 years now, with more than 20.000 hours filmed. I joined the team 3 years ago with my cameras and lights trying to deliver the best as possible.

Júlia Molnos

PR & Social Media

"Organizing is what you do before you do something, so that when you do it, it is not all mixed up." (A. A. Milne) With degrees in Theatre Studies and Cultural Management, I have fallen in love with the adventure that comes with every event: meeting new people, sharing ideas and experiences, seeing everything you worked for come to life. It’s just lovely!

Zsolt Hochbauer

Web Developer

"Whatever life holds in store for me, I will never forget these words: "With great power comes great responsibility." This is my gift, my curse. Who am I? I'm Spider-man." - and this is my web.

András Molnos

Technical Support

Former stage manager who wants to take part in the city's cultural and educational life. I like to keep things in order and organized and will do everything in my power to help the event to be a pleasant day for all of us.

Blanka Macaveiu


My name is Macaveiu Blanka, part-time dancer, and choreographer. I’m currently studying master at Gheorghe Dima Music Academy in Cluj-Napoca, and from day to day life I’m the leader of a dance association. Besides dancing I am an extreme sports and travel enthusiast, keen to meet new cultures.

Zsolt Magyari

Software Engineer

First of all, I love problem-solving. That’s why I became a software engineer. One problem that really bothers me, is that my hometown, Targu Mures is not developing and progressing as it should be. I wanted to join the TEDx team, because I feel that this event is something that can help our city and community grow.

Prézli the Corgi


Woof! Woof!


I founded TEDxTîrguMures back in 2013 with a desire to bring inspiration to my community in Tîrgu-Mures. I obtained the first license on the 2nd of August 2013. With the help of amazing volunteers, I coordinated 8 TEDx events from 2013 until 2017. I would like to thank in particular all project managers during my time as curator and licensee: Sorin Suciu, Claudia Goga, Farkas Csilla, Diana Andrei, Patricia Roman, Szőcs Blanka and Vlad Gliga.

But why TEDx? What does it bring into our community?

It is known that in in chemistry, collision theory teaches that one must bring two atoms within proximity of each other for a chance to form a bond and share electrons. Proximity is the prerequisite. People gather at TEDx events to induce proximity and to celebrate the conviction that knowledge should analogously be shared. They do so as part of a global movement that has been gathering leaders, thinkers, and doers in over two thousand cities since 2009. But such an event was lacking in our city. Reghin, Cluj had TEDx events, not Tîrgu-Mures. So I decided to change this.

Our first TEDx event in Tîrgu-Mures was a livestream from the big TED event. And something very special happened. TED asked local communities viewing the livecast to send a picture. So we did it. And they showed us live on the big TED stage. That moment gave me the motivation to continue. And then in 2014, we had our first big event. Our first speaker was Halmen Balázs, with a moving talk about his project in Kenya. Our next big event was held in September 2015. We had a very inspiring lineup, featuring amongs others the conductor of the local orchestra, the founder of the Alpha Transilvana Foundation and W. Szabó Péter, my successor as curator. Then 2017 came and we had our event in February, featuring a lineup comprising Lawrence Warry and David Timis. In parallel, we run smaller Salon events, from which one to remember is the one featuring Péter Halácsy, the co-founder of Prezi.

In 2017 I started feeling the burden of organizing these events from a distance. Communication with the teams was not easy becuase of the fact that I was not physically present. Skype and Facebook seemed insufficient to maintain contact. I felt that in order to the community to grow, there was a need for a local organizer. So I was considering options. I wanted someone with international experience who would be easily accepted by TED. I also wanted someone who experienced TEDx as a speaker before. The obvious choice was therefore Péter, who immediately accepted my invitation to take over the project.

I will of course remain close to the community. I will be present at the events and sometimes even give a speech. I will support the curator.

I would like to thank the TEDxTîrguMures community for the support. I would like to thank all sponsors during my period.

I would like to wish Péter many successful events wherein people get inspired.

In Ideas worth Spreading and with love,

Johann Stan, Licensee and Founder of the TEDx Community in Tîrgu-Mures


+4 0754 947 474
+4 0770 772 928


Palace of Culture
Strada George Enescu
Târgu Mureș