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Remus Grama: #TheBandMaster

Remus Grama is a young musician, a violinist at the State Philharmonic Orchestra of Târgu Mureș and founding member of the Bohemia Quartet.

His vocation as a bandmaster has emerged in recent years being featured in Philharmonic concerts since 2011 and performing annually at the symphony orchestra’s podium.

He conducted several lessons and educational concerts of the Philharmonic and is currently the bandmaster of the symphonic orchestra of the Art High School from Târgu Mureș.

In 2018 he became the bandmaster of the Bohemian Symphonic Orchestra which brought many great successes such as the Vița-de-Vie show “În Corzi” and the Bohemian Symphony at the AWAKE festival. The latter project was later transformed and renamed to “Rock the Symphony”.