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Cosmina Nicolescu: #TheDesigner

Cosmina Nicolescu is the founder of the Bucharest-based hat studio Fandacsia (2007), For over 20 years she was a movie director and television producer, and as a director co-produced a soap opera with SonyPictures for Prima TV, worked on a couple of cultural shows for TVR Cultural, and aired an educational show for entrepreneurs that aired on TVR2 and for which she received Premiul Clubului Român de Presă for economic journalism.

Guided by a strong entrepreneurial spirit, she focused on creating hats, launching numerous collections for Fandacsia, earning the praises of many lovely ladies, and being invited to take part at the UNESCO Creative City of Design Graz.
In september 2021, the Cervantes Institute gave her free hand in creating the 130th anniversary exhibition of diplomatic relationships, an exhibition of hats inspired by the great Hispanic culture, that celebrates Spanish values. Here she showcased numerous creations of hers: the hat of celebration, of victory, of irony, or of compassion among others.