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Ana-Maria Udriște: #TheLawyer

Ana-Maria Udriște is a different kind of lawyer, specialised in technology, social media and privacy. She founded Avocatoo, among top 3 legal websites in Romania and the only one present on all social media channels. She translates legalese in pure language through social media posts, infographics, entertaining videos and articles written in natural language, without the hassle of the legal barriers.

Smashing barriers: being creative in a legal and rigid world. The legal industry is harsh – a demon that will slowly eat your soul and turn you into a walking zombie. Unless you escape this trap and see the legal field as a game. A game that you must explain to others so they can play as well. Our minds are made to embrace connections and make us curious about what we read and understand. You learn concepts by teaching others. Smashing barriers is just a part of the game: what happens next is what makes you unique.